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Mobile Wallpapers : Love

Tired of seeing the same old wallpaper in your mobile? Here is some exciting art wallpapers for your mobile phones to look colorful and refreshing. We have listed the mobile wallpapers in various categories to suite your interest and mood. All the mobile wallpapers are free to download and you can transfer it to your mobile phone via bluetooth, infrared, edge, GPRS etc. Download and have fun.


bee-love-free-mobile-wallpaper birds-love-free-mobile-wallpaper
bee-love-free-mobile-wallpaper (240 x 320) birds-love-free-mobile-wallpaper (240 x 320)
cartoon-love-free-mobile-wallpaper dall-love-free-mobile-wallpaper
cartoon-love-free-mobile-wallpaper (240 x 320) dall-love-free-mobile-wallpaper (240 x 320)
dall-loves-free-mobile-wallpaper ee-love-free-mobile-wallpaper
dall-loves-free-mobile-wallpaper (240 x 320) ee-love-free-mobile-wallpaper (240 x 320)
flower-love-free-mobile-wallpaper honey-bee-love-free-mobile-wallpaper
flower-love-free-mobile-wallpaper (240 x 320) honey-bee-love-free-mobile-wallpaper (240 x 320)
kissed-dall-free-mobile-wallpaper lips-free-mobile-wallpaper
kissed-dall-free-mobile-wallpaper (240 x 320) lips-free-mobile-wallpaper (240 x 320)
rose-love-free-mobile-wallpaper two-heart-free-mobile-wallpaper
rose-love-free-mobile-wallpaper (240 x 320) two-heart-free-mobile-wallpaper (240 x 320)