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Animated Insects

The animated insects listed here are absolutely free and you can use these free animated insects on your websites and applications to improve the look and feel. These animated insects will be very useful for your menus and lists. You can find animated insects, flying insects, identifying flying insects. These images are free to use on your website, personal pages etc.

To download a animated insects right click on the image and choose 'Save Picture As' from the menu. This animated flying insects contains some types of butterflys.

The large group of arthropods and diverse group of animals on the World are called Insects (Includ in scientific class Insecta). The approximate number of various inscets are : 5,000 dragonfly species, 1,20,000 fly, 2,000 praying, 20,000 grasshopper, 1,70,000 butterfly and moth, 82,000 true bug, 360,000 beetle, and 110,000 bee, wasp and ant species.

Adult modern insects range in size from a 0.139 millimetre Mymarid wasp (Dicopomorpha echmepterygis) to a 55.5 centimetre long Stick insect (Phobaeticus serratipes).

The heaviest documented insect is a Giant Weta (at 70 grams), but other possible candidates include the Goliath beetles Goliathus goliatus, Goliathus regius and Cerambycid beetles such as Titanus giganteus, though no one is certain which is truly the heaviest.


animated black butterfly animated black butterfly animated Cardinal butterfly
animated black butterfly
[147 x 120] 37k
animated blue butterfly
[32 x 32] 2k
animated Cardinal butterfly
[110 x 84] 27k
animated butterfly Line animated dandilion butterfly
animated butterfly Line
[456 x 24] 3k
animated dandilion butterfly
[120 x 120] 10k
animated dandilion big butterfly animated yellow butterfly

animated dandilion big butterfly
[333 x 333] 86k

animated yellow butterfly
[150 x 150] 11k


animated monarch butterfly    
animated monarch butterfly
[70 x 80] 9k